The Occoquan River is one of the best songs of the year – Australian or International.”
Brian Wise, Off The Record, Triple R. Australia.

Highly acclaimed Irish singer songwriter now based in Australia, Gallie, was nominated as a finalist for International Song of the Year competition by Tom Waits. His music is best described as indie folk, with smatterings of an Americana style.

He has been compared to Bruce Springsteen, but for Gallie, he has his own singular style, both in song writing and the rhythmic sense of his songwriting craft. His friends call it the "Gallie groove".

2022 has also seen him explore his Irish heritage via Irish Traditional Music Super-group

Sionnach Rua's Great Irish Song Book, currently touring Australia.


His debut album - The Occoquan River - was met with wide praise in his homeland of Ireland, but also in his new home, Australia:


"One of the outstanding releases this year...The Occoquan River is brilliant"

Paul Gough, ABC Radio National, Australia.

"Sublime lyrics, tremendous melodies, sung by a singer with a voice that is both soulful and incredibly expressive…..One of my favourite records of 2015 by an artist from any country"

Micheal Park, The International Americana Show, Fm Radio, New York City


“One of the outstanding releases this year….The Occoquan River is brilliant.”Tex Miller, Forte Magazine

"Every track on The Occoquan River is carefully yet simply crafted, as if each has come to him effortlessly, organically and fully formed. The crown jewel of the album is the title track: a truly haunting, mournful piece."
Lukas Murphy, theMusic ★★★★☆

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